The Planet Wheeler Foundation


Founders Maureen and Tony Wheeler

Maureen and Tony Wheeler have a long philanthropic history. In their travels as founders and authors of Lonely Planet Publications, they saw first-hand the need to support those more in need than themselves.

They began supporting international development decades ago and as Lonely Planet book sales grew over the years, so did their passion for giving. Lonely Planet first established a policy of donating a fixed percentage of profits in 1987. The sale of Lonely Planet Publications saw their philanthropic efforts take on a life of their own and Planet Wheeler Foundation was born.

Planet Wheeler Foundation has no religious or political affiliations.

Who We Are

Planet Wheeler Foundation is governed by five trustees:

  • Maureen Wheeler
  • Tony Wheeler
  • Mark Cubit
  • Marcus Fazio
  • Andrew O’Bryan

They are assisted by our Foundation Manager Anna Demant and our Grants Managers Tashi Wheeler and Linda Fox.