Digging the foundations for the Rainbows for Children 'Nicholas School' Mekele, Ethiopia

Where we work

We focus on East Africa, Afghanistan, Burma and Burma related projects, Cambodia and Laos.

The Foundation also funds some projects in the Arts in Australia but we do not accept unsolicited proposals in this area.

OurĀ funding priorities

We prioritise projects that address the most pressing issues facing developing countries. Our areas of focus are Education, Health, Human Rights (advocacy & refugees), Community Development and Street Kids programs.


We do not prioritise

Australia or Developed Countries
We do support Australian NGOs focused on international development or refugees/asylum seekers.

Emergency Relief
We will consider post-disaster recovery projects if funding is still required.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction & Animal Welfare
These are all worthy causes but are not the focus of our funding.

Orphanages or Residential Care
We will fund programs that support children to remain within their extended families or communities but we tend not to fund orphanages.


What level of funding do we provide?

There is no simple answer to this question. Our funding varies significantly depending on the Non-Government Organisation and Community based Organisation, but we prefer not to be the dominant donor to any Non-Government Organisation or Community based Organisation.

Where we might be different

We are open to funding capital expenditure, capacity development and core organisational costs. We don't have any templates or formats for proposals or reports.